Horse Exerciser Pricing

We offer competitive horse exerciser pricing for our EuroXciser. This is often a one time investment for a facility; it’s important the machine meets your needs. The machine can boost revenue for your facility and improve your costs with less hands to exercise your horses. Our quick pricing list is below. Contact us for a detailed price list and to request a quote for a EuroXciser shipped to your property.

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    D450E50' Derby EuroXciser, 4 Horse Economy Model$11,600
    D460 - D66060' EuroXciser, 4 horse to 6 horse$14,800 -$16,800
    D565 - D66565' Derby EuroXciser, 5 Horse - 6 Horse$16,850 - $17,850
    D67272' Derby EuroXciser, 6 Horse Configuration$18,850
    C460 - C66060' Ceiling Mount EuroXciser, 4-6 Horse$16,990 - $18,990
    C67070' Ceiling Mount EuroXciser, 6 Horse$19,900
    Fence KitFence Kit, lumber not included, 51' - 73' Diameter$3,500 - $4,700
    Track CoversTrack Cover, 51' - 74' Diameter$27,050 - $38,000

Financing Options

We offer finance options through our partner company. We provide a quote for the equipment you would like to order, including options and shipping.  Our finance partner works directly with you, from credit application through funding, offering you the best options.

Horse Exerciser Pricing









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