We offer Manual and Touchscreen Programmable Controller options for our Horse Exerciser.

Programmable Controller

Controller Set ups are:

  • Nema4 enclosures, designed for rugged outdoor use.
  • Designed with the latest technology in AC motor speed control and invert 220V single phase input into three phase power required by the motors.
  • Compact and very easy to use by untrained grooms.
  • Programmable controller upgrade option for all machines and is simple to set up and save up to 5 programs.
  • Simply press the parameter to set the time, speed and direction and it saves the stage.
  • Easy to setup and edit as you wish to customize your workouts for your horses.


  • Standard controller for EuroXciserManual Controller
  • On/Off switch
  • Start/Stop switch for emergency
  • Forward / Brake / Reverse switch for direction
  • Speed pod for manual speed adjustment
  • Simple to use, rugged for outdoor use and economical.


Programmable Controller

  • Touch Screen Controller
  • Easy to program and make changes with pop up-menus for speed, time and direction settings
  • Set up customized training plans specifically for your horses, controlling duration and intensity
  • Easy to update and modify saved programs
  • “Jog” screen to easily load and unload horses in the EuroXciser
  • E-Stop for emergency and lockable main switch, rated to 25 amps
  • Can run specific segments of a program as well

With our Programmable Controller, we also provide
suggested programs you can load, designed to:

    • Work horses equally on both sides
    • Start and finish with walk for warm up and cool off times
    • Have machine change direction as little as possible
    • The best part, is you get to set up how you want to customize your training plan with your horses.

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