Derby Ceiling Mount Horse Exerciser

Our Derby-C mounts to the upper building structure. This machine creates a center lunging ring with an eleven foot vertical clearance. The Derby C is ideal for areas requiring a controlled temperature environment for year round operation. 

Horse Exerciser Lunging RingCeiling Mounted Horse ExerciserCeiling Mount Eurociser


The Derby C provides a lunging ring in the center and exercise track on perimeter (since the motor base is not mounted on the ground).

60′ EuroXciser provides a 45′ center ring
65′ EuroXciser provides a 49′ center ring
70′ EuroXciser provides a 54′ center ring

ceiling mounted horse walker

EuroXciser Derby C Features:

  • Hot dipped galvanized frame.
  • Maintenance free & silent AC gear/motor with direct drive (No Belts & No Chains)
  • Heavy duty large turn table bearing (Made in Germany)
  • Partitions mounted on hinges for safety.
  • Electrical fencer operated from gate.
  • Emergency stop on controllers.
  • Programmable controller (option) to customize your training programs.

Machine Mount and Motor

Nord Motor Ceiling Mount

  • These gear/motor units have been designed in Germany and are made in the USA.
  • The UNICASE TM design eliminates all risk of oil leaks and make these units virtually maintenance free.
  • More motor details at Nord website
  • These gear boxes use high quality Shell Oil for use in extreme weather conditions.
  • These gear boxes are equipped with high load shaft bearings.
  • The A/C motor and quality inline gearing results in a quite running machine that runs cool and is efficient.
  • The direct drive is made possible via a special coupling designed in France which can take misalignments & can absorb shocks. No more belts or chains to adjust or replace!


Ceiling Mount Horse Exerciser

  • Number of horses: Comes in 4, 5, 6 horse configuration
  • Dimensions: Stock sizes 60’, 65’ & 70’ diameter. Custom sizes available at no extra charge.
  • Height at center under 11’(Easy to fit indoor).
  • Standard 8’ wide exercise area Partitions: (See partitions page)
  • Speed: From 0 to 20+Mph
  • Motors: 1 1/2HP A/C motor or 2HP (option 2HP motor is stock on 72’ units)
  • Controllers: (See controllers page ), Manual or Programmable (option)
  • Warranty: 10 yrs frame,10 yrs Gear/motor,1 yr electricals

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