Horse Exercisers and Track Covers



The EuroXciser is designed with a low mass carousel, with hinging arms and light weight pivoting partitions.  This provides machine compliance, promoting  horse safety and lowers the wear and tear on the machine.  We use high quality structural steel, fabricate by employing certified structural welders and hot dip galvanize the steel for outdoor protection.  We use NORD motors, known for their quality and durability from the oil and gas industry.  Our controllers are Nema4 packaged, designed for outdoor use.  Overall, this allows our machine to operate every day, outdoors throughout the year.

Horse Exerciser

We back our design approach by offering our clients one of the best warranties in the market – we encourage you to shop and compare.

  • 10 yr on steel frame
  • 10 yr on gear/motor
  • 10 yr on turn table bearing
  • 1 yr on electrical
  • 15 years on Track Cover frame
  • up to 45 years on roof panels for the track cover



EuroXcisers, Fences and Track Covers are shipped with clear and easy instructions showing pictures for each step. However, supervised installation is available and sometime recommended.

horse exerciser install

  • One of our technicians will be dispatched from Los Angeles to location. A list of tools and personnel (2 to 3 people) needed will be sent to clients prior to installation as well as plans for concrete pad and electrical lay out. These as well as grading will be client’s responsibility.
  • When installation includes fences, 2 to 3 days are required depending on size and 5 to 6 days for a complete package including Track Cover.
  • Electrical connections have to be done by a licensed electrician to insure warranty, whether or not EuroXciser handles installation.
  • This service is offered at a flat fee which includes airfares to closest large airport, food and lodging for technician. Client will be responsible for transportation from/to airport and to hotel. Otherwise car rental will have to be added to installation charges.

Due to airfares restrictions & busy schedule, EGM’s technician will not be able to stay any longer than times described above. If technician does not have proper assistance, it is understood that it will be the responsibility of client to terminate the job according to directives. Full payment will still be due (cashier’s check) upon departure of EGM’s technician.

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