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We are a leading US Manufacturer of Horse Exercisers, with over 500 units sold throughout the United States and 5 Continents

EuroXciser Testimonial

EuroXciser Machine

EuroXciser is about CUSTOMER SERVICE: We know how busy horse trainers are and how important prompt customer service can be for operations which depend on this equipment. There are no call centers to wait on.  We have commonLY used parts in stock and can ship in 24hrs if needed. We are also there to answer questions you might have based on our vast experience working with client base, and freely share best practices.  See our blog or visit us on facebook for more information.

The product makes a difference in a horse’s health, soundness and performance.  Our clients often wonder how they got along without a machine within one month of using their EuroXciser.  Being able to exercise and supplement a horses training routine saves time and improves the horses overall competitiveness.  We will gladly provide testimonials and references nearest to you.  We will also provide locations nearest to you you if you want to see one of our machines in action, and have a dialog with one of our customers.Endurance-Horse-Exerciser


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