Horse Exercisers and Track Covers




What is a EuroXciser?

Horse Exerciser Roof

Horse Exerciser Roof

It’s a European style horse walker, allowing free movement without tethered restraints.

What is the Benefit of a Horse Exerciser over a Walker?

Natural movement is incorporated into the exercise session.  It eliminates horses pulling on restraints, stalling the machine or breaking loose of the machine.

What are the important considerations when purchasing a Horse Exerciser Machine?

This is an investment that will improve the performance and health of your horses as you implement your horse exerciser program.  It opens training opportunities to build endurance base, interval strength training and rehabilitation work at prescribed speeds/durations. It’s also an investment into your facility, improving the value of your property, and marketability of your equine services. It’s important to consider the following during the purchase process:

  1. Capacity you require – how many horses do you plan to exercise on this machine per day. Purchase for your long term capacity plans at your facility.
  2. Work Plan – do you plan to walk the horses or move them through trot and canter paces?  It’s important to move into larger diameter machines if you plan work sessions at trot plus gates.
  3. Location Set-up – The work flow of your facility is important to think about.  You want easy movement from stalls to the horse exerciser machine and back.  And if you have heavy rider traffic, make sure the machine location does not disrupt this flow.



Six Horse Exerciser

A horse exerciser machine is often a one time buy for a facility, so consider your future needs and purchase to these needs.  We have worked with existing customers that underestimated the capacity and use of their machine, and later upgraded to a larger machine, and even added an additional machine.

When purchasing a machine, we recommend keeping the following in mind:

  1. Safety considerations the manufacture has employed in their machine
  2. In-line drive trains without belts or chains.  We get requests to replace other manufacture’s bases to our set-up to eliminate reliability problems associated with belt drive and chain drive systems.  Stick with motor/geared systems in your purchase requirements
  3. Quick support for service.  The machine becomes an integral part of the facility work activities and it’s important to get quick response for service needs.
  4. Reliability and outdoor use design considerations the manufacturer has incorporated into their machine

EuroXciser’s sole focus is free flow style Horse Exercise Machines and Track Covers.
– Ground Mounted –  Derby and Derby E
– Ceiling Mounted  –  Derby C
– Roof Systems     –  Track Cover – Our 12 foot roof covers are snow load rated
We’ve been servicing our customers for close to 20 years and provide one of the most trusted products in our industry.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us about any questions you may have on purchasing a Horse Exerciser.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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