Horse Exercisers and Track Covers


EuroXciser Design Advantage

Technical AdvantagesHorse Walker

The Derby Series is the latest european design, with  lighter “moving weight”.  This means less power is required to operate the machine, savingenergy as well as saving the mechanical components.  Overall, this reduces maintenance & break downs.

In comparison, there are many machines using heavier lattice type arms, resulting in a heavy rotating group and  larger motor to drive the system. Overall, this creates more mechanical wear on the system, increases operating costs, and results in more moving weight around the horses.  Compare our warranty to the competition to bring this point home!

And why is this extra weight needed?  See the the pictures below on the strength developed in a EuroXciser machine – a 6000 lbs SUV driving up one of our arm, right over the connector!


Why EuroXciser

Horse Exerciser Roof

Horse Exerciser Roof

  • Latest European Design, focusing on lowest cost of ownership for our customer
  • Low inertia design places very low wear on the drive train, allowing us to offer a 10 year warranty on our motor drive train
  • GREEN design and manufacture methodologies, including ROHS compliance and low energy use design with our light weight carousel design, direct drive system, properly sized and efficient motor used on our EuroXciser machine
  • Safety in design, with articulated arms, partitions mounted on hinges, new full rubber partitions between horses (optional), emergency stop on controllers, remote operation of electric fencer.
  • Low maintenance with direct drive motor system (no belts or chains) helping reduce your operating costs
  • Easy to use controllers, including a fully programmable controller (optional) so customers can create customized training sessions designed specifically for their horsest
  • We know how important the machines become in the daily operation of the farm, and have parts available within 48 hours to avoid down time.
  • Desirable machine resulting in high residual values on used equipment.
  • Longest warranty in the industry (demonstrating Confidence and Experience with our Product).
  • Strong design and build to last in an outdoor environment
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