Horse Exercisers and Track Covers



4, 5, 6 Horse Exercisers in 60’, 65’ and 72’ Diameter

We use high quality mechanics, structural steel and employ journeymen welders to fabricate our EuroXcisers:


Our design approach focuses on horse safety and durability.  We accomplish this by creating a low mass rotating carousel, while adding multiple hinge points to the machine. This results in machine compliance within the arms and partitions, and places less wear on the motor drive train during operation.  A consequence of this design approach is less power consumption to operate the machine.  We back our durability commitment with a 10 year warranty on the motor drive train, and have clients using our machines 8 plus hours a day, every day!

Derby Exerciser

EuroXciser Derby Exerciser

  • Hot dipped galvanized frame made of structural steel.
  • Maintenance free & silent AC gear/motor with direct drive (No Belts & No Chains).
  • Heavy Duty large turn table bearing (Designed in Germany).
  • Arms and partitions mounted on hinges for flexibility and safety.
  • Electrical fencer operated from gate.
  • Emergency stop on controllers.
  • Full rubber partitions (option) for maximum safety and reliability.
  • Programmable controller (option) which is more reliable and easier to use.




Nord Motor

Nord Motor

EuroXcisers are powered by “NORD”

  • These gear/motor units have been designed in Germany and are made in the USA.
  • The UNICASE TM design eliminates all risk of oil leaks and make these units virtually maintenance free. More details at NORD Motors
  • Heavy duty large turn table bearing (Made in Germany) – Same as Derby Series
  • These gear boxes use high quality Shell Oil for use in extreme weather conditions.
  • These gear boxes are equipped with high load shaft bearings.
  • The A/C motors along with the high quality gearing make these units run silent, run cool & are energy efficient.
  • The direct drive is made possible via a special coupling designed in France which can take misalignments & can absorb shocks.



EuroXciser Bearing

EuroXciser Bearing


  • Number of horses: Comes in 4-6 horse configurations
  • Dimensions: Stock sizes 60’-72′ diameters.
  • Height at center under 11’(Easy to fit indoor).
  • Standard 8’ wide exercise area
  • Partitions:  7’ wide by 5’ to 6’ high.
  • Speed: From 0 to 25+Mph
  • Motors: 1.5 HP A/C motor
  • Controllers: . Manual or Programmable (option)
  • Warranty: 10 yrs frame, 10 yrs Gear/motor,1 yr electricals


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