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EuroXciser Welder

Our heritage was founded by building our first EuroXciser for our equestrian facility. This quickly led to building this same machine for friends, and word-of-mouth expanded our base of business, where owners recognized the advantages of training with a EuroXciser.

We understand the duty cycle expected of these machines on commercial farms and how important the EuroXciser becomes in the daily training plans. We have installed over 500 machines, use only the finest quality mechanics and state of the art motor drive technologies, to offer you one of the lowest cost of ownership products in the market.

We back our commitment in offering the best quality horse exerciser with our 10 year warranty on the frame and 10 years on the motor/gear/table bearing drive train. We employ only certified structure steel rated welders for our product, and protect our structural steel with hot dip galvanizing, the same process municipalities use to protect structural steel for public works infrastructure.


Today, the Derby Series EuroXcisers still follow this philosophy

We understand how busy horse trainers are and how important prompt service can be for operators which depend on this equipment. For these reasons we carry spare parts inventory and respond immediatly to our clients needs.

EuroXcisers are handcrafted in Los Angeles by a group of certified & experienced welders, using structural steel. This craftsmanship allows EuroXciser to offer one of the best quality horse exercisers backed by the longest warranty in the industry.

“Quality and craftmanship and prompt customer service, have made EuroXciser the best selling exerciser in the USA, with over 500 units sold world wide.”

  • Innovative European Design
  • Easiest to use and Nearly Maintenance Free
  • Highest Quality Exerciser with 10 Year Warranty on Mechanics
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership
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